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We worked with Cameroonian art director Ndedi Asek to create unique new collections that capture the essence of our brand, Lady-T Shop.
Brainstorming sessions paved the way for our new Afro Love, Afro Culture, Afro Keeng, and Afro Kweentah collections. 
Meet our new designs! 


Afro Culture Collection  
One Afriik merges all elements of the true African feeling… Capturing authentic African cultures and beliefs… From the Northern deserts to the tropical forests of the south… With diverse religions, cultures, and people… Africa is powerful, beautiful… delightful… That’s the spirit of … One Afriik.


Afro Love Collection 
Love|ɘvo⅃ - Together, they are complementary… Taking on the world… leaving a legacy… Interconnected… yet so different… She is his reflection and he is hers… Slightly separated but with both hearts beating as one… The Afro King and his Afro Queen will always need each other… That’s the definition of true love.



Afro Kweentah Collection 
The African QUEEN! She is fierce… yet compassionate … For the ones she loves… she is prepared to do it all… She wears her stripes with pride… moves to greatness with no regrets. Her throne IS solid… she commands respect! The Afro Kweentah is a safe haven to her people. But ruthless to those who go against her! The Afro Kweentah is both love and power!



Afro Keng Collection 
The African KING! Told from birth to stay strong, work hard… stay focused! “Never show your weakness or pain,” he’s told… Be a King! Be Bold, Be Proud! Although enormous, he shoulders these expectations… Seamlessly navigating through the elements of his life… Like a pattern of colors… He makes his way through society and family Carrying on his heritage! The Afro Keeng is Black Power!


 Lady-T Shop

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