Meet the owner

I've had an exciting life, bouncing from one country to another. 

 Sometimes for studies, others - just in search of a better life. 

 It made me feel like I never really had a home - constantly on the move, leaving behind a little bit of myself along the way. 

 My name is Tina Nalova - I am a black woman of African descent, originally from Yaounde, Cameroon but currently living in Toronto, Canada. 

I’ve got a Masters in International Journalism, currently working as an Associate Producer at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, in Toronto.


 Regardless of where I find myself across the globe, I always stay connected to my culture, history, and people.

LadyT Shop Meet the Owner

 My goal is to make others feel same and what better way to do so, than with clothing?

 Lady-T Shop merges afro art and fashion, showcasing the unique artistry of black painters and graphic designers.

It is all about compelling African designs rooted in African stories, and delicately embroidered on everyday clothing.  

By so doing, Africans, black people and, lovers of African culture can have a little something that reminds them of the motherland.

 Each design is unique, tells a story, captures an essence and when wearing these pieces, by all means... feel proud! 

 Lady-T Shop